Welcome to my website!  This website focuses primarily on my book and related information.    More specifically to golf education, golf improvement and “miscellaneous” related items.  Being a first time (and part time author), I envision a number of developments that start with the book and this website and culminate long term in some type of hands on instructional endeavor.  The main site is this one; it will be up and running in the near future once I complete “The Secret of Henny Bogan”, a book I wrote that explains the methodology by which Ben Hogan became the greatest ball striker to ever play the game of golf.  And, yes, in answer to your first question, I do reveal in the book the key elements or secrets that Hogan employed that made that possible.  To be more specific, I reveal what I believe is the long held and disputed Hogan secret.  I also discuss why he did not reveal it in his lifetime, what of his secrets is beneficial for the average golfer and how I discovered the secret.  Also, where those other secrets you have likely heard so much about fit in the overall scheme of things   The book is complete and I am closing on finalizing publishing options, to include the possibility of an audio version should demand warrant it (email either way if you are interested in reserving a copy of the book or alternatively the option for an audio book.  The first printing is going to be a limited run until I get a feel for demand).   The book will be available through this site in due time. 

I will get the blog going to start a dialogue about some of the 5Ws and H related to the book (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How).  My second book is under way and it focuses on how to break 80; it is about training and improving your golf through the key elements of self assessment, fundamentals and fitness.  I also developed a number of ideas for swing aides that are useful in ensuring that you are on track with the tenets or principles espoused in Hogan’s instructional material and books (e.g., Power Golf, Life Magazine articles of 1954 and 1955, the Sports Illustrated series of articles released in 1957 and Five Lessons).  Those aides will also be available on the website as production matures. 

In writing these books, I accrued quite a bit of information in the way of reference material, including internet links and the like.  These will be added over time to help share the wealth of knowledge available on the web.  These will initially be focused on sites related to the book, but will expand over time as the site matures.   As the site expands, I will likely add links of interest to me and my hobbies that may be of interest to you as well (for general interest stuff, cigars, music, martial arts, cruises/travel, etc.). 

Finally, I should add that I am not a writer; this is my first book and first web site.  But I guess much like that old saying about age (no matter how you feel about yourself, when your kids start having kids you are old!); once you write a book you are indeed a writer!  The second book about breaking 80 and training will likely be done by summer and will likely be offered through this site as well.  The other books I am writing are not sports or golf books but will likely be linked to this site as they mature.  Enjoy and good golfing!

This site is dedicated to my wife, my lifelong companion, friend and love of my life; also to our beautiful kids, our darling grandkids, our extended family and our family in Rhode Island.