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1.   Of the following items, which has not been alleged to be a secret of Ben Hogan? Pronation
Special 20 minute warm up drill
Speed of his swing
2.   Which of the following items have not recently been called his secret? Left arm rotation
Course management
Right leg stability
Delayed hit
3.   In a 1984 interview with Nick Sietz, Hogan said his secret was? Left arm rotation
4.   The Approximate timeframe when Hogan made the breakthrough that became his secret was? Spring 1938
Fall 1945
Spring 1946
Spring 1947
5.   Hogan estimated that his secret saved him? Several shots a round
1 shot a round
2 shots a round
No shots, but improved his confidence
6.  Which of the following was not a result of his secret/ Winning the Open (British)
Becoming leading money winner
Winning his third US Open title
Winning the Masters
7.   What did Hogan say about his secret in Five Lesson, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf? He said it was pronation
He said it was supination
He referenced the Life Magazine article
He did not mention it
8.   What did Ken Venturi say was Hogan's secret? It was the late hit
It was pronation
It was concentration
It was the inside move
9.   What did Claude Harmon say was his secret? Late hit
  10.  What was the final thing Hogan said about his secret? it was in Life magazine
He did not say
It was in Five Lessons
It was in Power Golf
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